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26th-Mar-2012 02:13 pm
I finally saw The Hunger Games yesterday

The whole time while I was sitting there waiting for the movie to start I kept thinking “I can’t believe I’m really going to see The Hunger Games…in the cinema”. I'd been so excited to see it every since they announced that they were going to turn the books into movies. And now I could actually watch it :D

This movie was perfect! I loved it!

Cinna! Oh Cinna, my Cinna. I love Cinna and I think Lenny did an amazing job. He didn’t have nearly enough scenes (though I’d probably still say this, if he’d been in every scene), but I loved what Lenny did with the character. Pefect! And Josh, holy cow. He is Peeta! I didn’t have any doubts about that but if I’d had some he would have proved me wrong, such an amazing performance! And Jennifer, as we all know, is Katniss! Everything about her performance was perfect, every single line was delivered flawlessly. Liam obviously didn’t have a lot of screentime but I loved that we got to see glimpses of Gale’s reaction.

I know that some people weren’t pleased with some things, some changes or even some casting choices. But I loved everything about this movie, every single minute of it. It was such a rush. Maybe, after seeing it a few more times I might be able to “review” it, but I’ve never been good at reviewing things.

Anyway, I love the movie! Now I just need to see it without the german dubbing even though it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been.


26th-Mar-2012 07:37 pm (UTC)
I loved all your responses. I thought the castings of Cinna, Katniss and Peeta were all great in the end (and I had doubts about all of them beforehand at some point). I'm still really iffy about Gale though, but all in all, what an extraordinary adaptation, one of the best book-film movies I've ever seen.
27th-Mar-2012 11:54 am (UTC)
Yes, well Gale...a difficult part to cast I guess. I really liked Liam already when they announced that he was going to play Gale, so I guess I am a bit biased. Let's see how well he's going to portray him in Catching Fire.

Extraordinary. See, that's the word I was looking for :D
30th-Mar-2012 09:00 pm (UTC)
I've read the entire series, and I was pleased with the way the movie turned out. Of course, like any of book turned movie, things were left out/changed due to things that the audience may not understand, lol. I wish, though, that Madge was there to give Katniss the mockingjay pin. Also, I wish Peeta had lost his leg...
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